Apply for the CANparent Quality Mark


Stand out from the crowd with CANparent

With a growth of the parenting sector and the increased focus on parents gaining the support that they so desperately want, there has never been a more important time for you to ensure that your class is of the highest quality and is based on evidence that works. The CANparent Quality Mark is the way to do this. 

It is the only quality standard that has been developed for the parenting sector, by the parenting sector. It is flexible and can be applied for by all types of organisations, from charities and social enterprises to private sector and local family organisations.  It is appropriate for organisations of all sizes, from those with one or a handful of employees, to large employers.

Benefits of holding the CANparent Quality Mark:

1. Holders of the Quality Mark can advertise their classes on the Parenting UK website and will be included in our emails to members. 

2. The Quality Mark is becoming a recognised mark in tendering processes in Local Authorities across England.

3. Holders of the Quality Mark and those working towards it are invited to sector support events to build their organisations skills.

In order to achieve the CANparent Quality Mark, organisations must demonstrate that they have met all the indicators across all four quality elements. Download a helpful guide of the suggested evidence required for the Quality Mark.

You can also download the CANparent Quality Mark briefing document.

How to apply for the CANparent Quality Mark

To apply for the CANparent Quality Mark, you must be a member of Parenting UK. Membership starts at just £24 a year for individuals. Once you have joined, you will then be able to apply for the CANparent Quality Mark. Applying for the CANparent Quality Mark costs £1,150 for organisations and individuals with a turnover under £500,000 and £2,250 for those with a turnover over £500,000. 

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