6 steps to success

There are just six steps to achieving the CANparent Quality Mark:

Apply for the CANparent Quality Mark

To apply for the CANparent Quality Mark, you must be a member of Parenting UK. Membership starts at just £24 a year for individuals. Once you have joined, you will then be able to apply for the CANparent Quality Mark. Applying for the CANparent Quality Mark costs £1,150 for organisations and individuals with a turnover under £500,000 and £2,250 for those with a turnover over £500,000. 

Become a Parenting UK member

  • Step 1 – Initial Eligibility Checklist
    After registering interest on the CANparent website and before an assessor can be assigned to you, it is recommended (although not compulsory that you carry out the self-assessment questions via the CANparent website. The self-assessment is 10 questions that will inform you of your readiness for assessment. You will not be able to proceed to full assessment unless all responses to the questions below are positive:
    1. Are the classes you deliver universal? To see what we mean by universal click here 
    2. Are your classes based on evidence of what works?
    3. Are your classes monitored and evaluated?
    4. Do your classes have quality assurance systems in place?
    5. Are the people who deliver your classes trained and supported?
    6. Do you have effective financial systems in place?
    7. Do you have effective governance systems in place?
    8. Do you seek feedback from parents and act on it?
    9. Do you promote your classes to parents effectively and inclusively?
    10. Do you have a statement that summarises your business / parenting support activity?
  • Step 2 – Collate evidence
    From completing the self-assessment you will be able to download the CANparent Quality Mark. Within this you will see each element and required piece(s) of evidence that needs to be submitted. To make it much easier for you to be successful in your application, and to make it easier for any assessors, we ask you to read and understand the process to be taken to achieve the CANparent Quality Mark. Naturally, any evidence that is submitted needs to clearly demonstrate the elements are met. 
    To support this, and to ensure integrity of the CANparent Quality Mark assessors will be making decisions based on:
     Consistency – are the processes, policies and strategies consistent with day to day activity?
     Accuracy – is the evidence been recently developed or reviewed?
    In the section below (CANparent Quality Mark –MASTER) you can see what evidence is required for each element of the Quality Mark and what assessors will be looking for. All required evidence needs to be submitted. It will be a good idea to start this process as soon as you can as it may take a few weeks to get all the documentation in order.
    Your organisation must record details of evidence to demonstrate your achievement of each element of the CANparent Quality Mark. This should be done on each of the elements.
    By now you will have been assigned an assessor, who will contact you to discuss the process and dates for meetings. This should be within 2 weeks of registering interest online. The assessor will confirm the timescales for the submission of evidence (step 3) and when they will meet with you (step 4). 
  • Step 3 – Submit evidence via CANparent website

    Following collating all the required evidence you will need to submit it through the CANparent website. It is a simple upload process, similar to attaching a document to an email. The list of evidence is seen in the section below (CANparent Quality Mark – practitioners)

    This makes up the bulk of the assessment of the CANparent Quality Mark. The evidence is then assessed to establish whether your organisation meets all the elements. It is likely that the evidence submitted will be discussed at the meeting between you and the assessor. Please note that all evidence submitted to the CANparent assessment team is confidential and will be stored securely. This is further detailed in the code of conduct for assessors.

  • Step 4 – Meet with assessor to discuss and clarify, if necessary, evidence
    The purpose of this meeting is so that the assessor can discuss with you the evidence submitted gaining clarification where necessary. This will lead to an understanding of whether your organisation has achieved all the elements of the CANparent Quality Mark.
    Prior to the meeting the assessor will confirm with you the documents that will be discussed. It will be a natural discussion flowing through the elements of the Quality Mark.
  • Step 5 – Report on application to be collated and sent to you and the CANparent team

    After this meeting you will receive a report detailing your application to the CANparent Quality Mark. It will show where you evidenced that you meet each element. Likewise it will also show if your evidence needs to be addressed. 

  • Step 6 – Receipt of the CANparent Quality Mark

    If your organisation has met the CANparent Quality Mark elements and if the assessor’s report has confirmed this, you will be awarded the CANparent Quality Mark. If your organisation is successful you will be sent information from the CANparent team highlighting this within 1 week. You will be able to use the Quality Mark logo on your material (see Terms and Conditions for details on usage) and upload all relevant courses to the CANparent website. The CANparent Quality Mark will remain valid for two years, after which you will need to apply for a new assessment.

    If your organisation has not met the CANparent standards the assessment process ends. You will not be awarded the CANparent Quality Mark and you will be invited to re-apply. If you disagree with the findings of the assessment there is an Appeals procedure which can be followed. For more information on this please contact the CANparent team at Family Lives.