The following words are used as defined for purposed of the quality mark:


Assessor - A member of the CANparent team who will review your evidence submitted and discuss your application to the CANparent Quality Mark

OrganisationThe organisation to be assessed for the CANparent Quality Mark

Parenting class - Any structured/ manualised parenting support provision – this could be a one on one session, a group, or an online programme of information.

Parents - A class needs to be open to both mums, dads, adoptive and foster parents, stepparents, grandparents, carers, and anyone else who has (unpaid) responsibility for looking after and caring for children – unless otherwise documented in any Memorandum of Articles

Practitioner - This is an individual or group of individuals physically delivering a Universal Parenting Class at a suitable venue

Provider - This is the organisation whose name is linked to the delivery or development of the Universal Parenting Class. E.g. “A1 dads parenting organisation”

Universal parenting class - The Quality Mark is only available to providers who deliver a “Universal Parenting Class”. This means that to be considered as universal, a parenting class must:

1. Include subjects covering all of the following content:

    • Communication/listening
    • Managing Relationships
    • Play/explore/learning
    • Different parenting styles/behaviour
    • Rules and routines
    • Creating a supportive and nurturing home environment

2. Have the following delivery approach:

    • Appropriate settings for parents
    • Content based on evidence of effectiveness
    • Include opportunities to reinforce learning
    • Flexible delivery models
    • Is linked to other parenting support services

3. Ensure that any trained workforce and materials are delivered with the original programme in mind, to ensure fidelity

4. Collect and analyse participation and satisfaction data

Ideally, to have the most positive impact a UPC would last for three or more sessions.