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Child protection reform - service delivery, multi-agency arrangements and the future of the social work profession

Date: 23 February 2017
Location: London
Organiser: Westminster Education Forum

Timed to follow the publication of a National Audit Office (NAO) report into the delivery of child protection services, expected in Autumn 2016, this seminar will bring together key stakeholders from across the education and health sectors, as well as local government, to consider latest policy priorities for the safeguarding of children.

Next steps for mental health and wellbeing in Scotland

Date: 23 February 2017
Location: Central Edinburgh
Organiser: Scotland Policy Conferences

Timed to follow the publication of the new mental health strategy, expected shortly, this seminar will provide a timely opportunity to discuss the next steps for improving mental health services in Scotland.

Parenting Conference 2017 - developing our workforce to meet the change

Date: 14 February 2017
Location: Cardiff, Wales
Organiser: Children in Wales

Building on our successful conference last year, Children in Wales’ Parenting Conference 2016 will focus on how to develop the skills, knowledge and competence of the people who work to support parents and carers.

The landscape of the VAWG sector in London: Housing crisis and domestic violence, mental health and sexual violence

Date: 24 January 2017
Location: London
Organiser: The Ascent Programme

The ASCENT programme has been funded by London Councils to host a series of special events each year to address overarching issues in the VAWG sector in London. 

Troubled Families: Origins, evaluation and policy context

Date: 20 January 2017
Location: London
Organiser: Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

The Troubled Families Programme has recently been subject to Parliamentary and media debate. This event aims to take stock of the Programme's fortunes.

Improving mental health provision in Northern Ireland: prevention, treatment and developments in care

Date: 17 January 2017
Location: Northern Ireland
Organiser: Policy Forum for Northern Ireland

Timed to follow the Department for Health’s ongoing review of the Bamford Review of Mental Health and Learning Disability - and with the Minister for Health identifying mental health as a key priority for the forthcoming mandate and pledging to be a ‘mental health champion’ - this timely seminar will assess mental health provision in Northern Ireland.

Nursery to primary: easing transitions through play

Date: 17 January 2017
Location: Edinburgh
Organiser: Children in Scotland

The transition from nursery to primary school can be challenging. A key part of the drive to make this transition easier for children was Curriculum for Excellence's proposal that more 'nursery-type' learning through play be practised in the early stages of primary. 

The changing landscape for children’s services - accountability, best practice and opportunities for innovation

Date: 29 November 2016
Location: London
Organiser: Westminster Education Forum

Bringing together policymakers and key stakeholders, delegates at this seminar will consider the future for children’s services - bringing out latest thinking on best practice, collaboration and innovation.

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