The landscape of the VAWG sector in London: Housing crisis and domestic violence, mental health and sexual violence

Location: London
Organiser: The Ascent Programme

The ASCENT programme has been funded by London Councils to host a series of special events each year to address overarching issues in the VAWG sector in London. 

The events are part of the Strengthening Local & Pan-London VAWG services through sharing, learning and collaboration.

This event is being delivered in partnership with pan-London VAWG Consortium, Women and Health Equalities Consortium (WHEC) and Ascent project partners.

Who is this event for?

♀ Services that address the needs of those at risk of or suffering from VAWG

♀ Voluntary and community sector organisations

♀ Statutory sector services

♀ Commissioners of VAWG services

♀ Partner organisations from related areas of delivery especially those that address women’s health needs, homelessness and housing, no recourse to public funds, refugee and asylum seekers, young people, substance misuse etc

♀ Survivors


To provide a platform to talk, learn, discuss and share issues of importance to the VAWG sector in London.

The event aims to:

♀ Increase participants understanding of the interconnections between housing, mental health and VAWG and its impact on the design and delivery of services

♀ To support and enhance cross sector working between VAWG, housing and health

♀ To share knowledge and expertise across sectors.

♀ To share policy and/or legislative developments

The format of the day will include specific focus on

♀ Housing and VAWG

♀ Mental Health and VAWG

♀ Cross Sector Campaigning and Influencing is an online service designed to support and encourage parents and carers of children aged 5-19, with a collection of videos addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, behaviour and learning.