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Survey reveals shortage of parent and child foster placements

17 May 2017
Demand for placements on the rise as other assistance reduced or shut down due to austerity.

Increase in baby victims of domestic violence

16 May 2017
Recent analysis of Buttle UK's grant-giving has shown a staggering growth in the number of young victims exposed to domestic abuse with figures showing that the number of grants awarded to families affected by domestic abuse rose by 22% between 2015 and 2016.

YoungMinds call on government to prioristise wellbeing in schools

16 May 2017
YoungMinds are calling on the Government to rebalance the education system so that the wellbeing of students is considered as important as academic achievement.

UK plummets from 11th to 156th in global children's rights rankings

15 May 2017
The UK has been accused of employing “inadequate” provision for children’s rights protection after it fell dramatically in global rankings for child rights within a year, from 11th to 156th.

Blog: JRF- How we mapped working-age poverty risk by parliamentary constituency

15 May 2017
Joseph Rowntree Foundation have mapped the risks of working-age poverty across Great Britain.

A supportive, loving community can 'help heal neglected children'

03 May 2017
Research suggests children exposed to neglect or abuse suffer poor health as adults and die sooner. We need to address the causes, not treat the symptoms, says Emma Coyler of Body & Soul. 

Citizen's income not a solution to welfare problems, say Work and Pensions committee

03 May 2017
The Work and Pensions Committee has published a report on citizen's income.

Social media and adoption – what social workers need to know

01 May 2017
Through social media sites, it is much easier for adoptive children and birth families to make contact. Here's what social workers need to know. 
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