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New child cruelty sentencing guidelines proposed

14 June 2017
Abusive or neglectful parents who blame their partner for their own child cruelty could face tougher sentences in new court proposals.

Destitute immigrants in UK are threatened with having children removed

13 June 2017
Homeless immigrants are being told they can secure housing for their children but not themselves, effectively forcing them to break up their family or sleep rough with their children, the Guardian has learned.

Young carers need support so they can achieve their dreams

13 June 2017
Barnardo’s is calling for young carers to be given much more support so they do not miss out on life chances and can achieve their dreams.

Early years providers 'underrepresented' on funding panels

12 June 2017
Local authorities are making "unfair and unbalanced" early years funding decisions because the sector is underrepresented on official decision-making forums, a childcare organisation has claimed.

Poverty is ‘making children sick’, say children’s doctors

07 June 2017
A survey of 250 paediatricians reveals a shocking return to old-fashioned poverty that will hit future generations.

What if getting help for mental illness was as easy as going to the dentist?

30 May 2017
Karl Mercer, who has bipolar disorder, makes the case for why accessing mental health care should be as routine as visiting the dentist. 

Hundreds of 'hidden food banks' reveal true scale of food poverty in UK

30 May 2017
At least 651 previously unaccounted-for food banks operating across Britain, findings show.

Plans to restrict autism diagnoses will increase pressure on schools, headteachers say

30 May 2017
Heads' unions have spoken of "huge frustration" at proposals to limit autism diagnoses to children also suffering from mental-health problems.
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